Founded in 2007, the Ginantri Foundation was born out of a compassion for young children and their right to educational development that ensures a reliable future for their dreams. The Foundation’s vision rests in the hands of Ni Nyoman Mariati, who single-handedly formed the organization from the ground up. Ginantri, combines love and fellowship with teachings that inspire and guide each and every child’s success.


In addition to the support of children going to school, the foundation also provides classroom training in the area of computer skills, English language skills, vocational training, hygiene standards and cultural programs in dance and music. Volunteers and students often support us with involvement in the children’s classes.  With countless success stories, Ginantri continues to prove that the life of a child can be changed through a simple act of kindness.


There is a young man who wants to be in the military, another who is a naturally gifted artist, and then the young man who sings so eloquently in English. Each child is full of ambition and  compassion despite circumstance.

Ginantri Sponsor