Ginantri Foundation Success Stories


Ni Kadek Suwidyawati, graduated SMA in July 2008. He is working on a cruiseschip in Europe

Made Sukarsa, Graduated D1 in July 2010. Still being supported by his sponsor to continue further education

Kadek Wiadnyana. graduated SMA in July 2009. Is having his own wood carving shop and is supporting his younger brothers with education now.

Komang Supratna, graduated SMA in July 2009. He is working for a large hotel chain in Kuta, Bali.

Wayan Suantika graduated SMA in July 2009. He had a dream to join

the army, unfortunately this didn’t work out. Now he is working for an international firm in Benoa Denpasar.

Ni Putu Santiyani, graduated in 2010 working now for a silver art & craft shop

Kadek Darmawan, Graduated SMA In July 2010. He is now working for an International bakery on Bali Indonesia.

Komang Adipta, Graduated SMA in July 2009. She is working for a large fish farm in Benoa Denpas

Gede Artha Arthama, Graduated SMA in 2009. He got a chance to continue studying at a college school in Denpasar to become a mechanical engineer.

Komang Eka Dharma, graduated SMA In July 2010. She had the opportunity to continue study at a national university in Denpasar ISI (School of Art). She will become a graphic designer Komang Adiana, Graduated SMA in July 2010. His sponsor visited him several times and he is having the opportunity to study at International Tourism school. STPBI Denpasar.

Ketut Artha Dipa, Graduated SMA in July 2010. He is studying at the university ISI (School of Art) in Denpasar to become a graphic designer.

Wayan sutrawan, graduated SMA in July 2010. At this moment he is working for a motor dealership to save and prepare to join the army.

Currently the Ginantri Foundation are supporting 33 children with their education at various levels.