Ginantri Foundation

Orphans, as well as other children needing a helping hand, are given the opportunity to obtain a better education, and are provided with the tools and guidance to become more independent and responsible for their own future. This “support net” provides not only education, but housing and regular meals for those children in need.

The children at the school receive lessons in diverse areas, such as Balinese Dance, food preparation, personal hygiene, music, and English. As they matriculate through the years, they also learn the importance of taking on responsibilities, such as personally emailing their sponsor, keeping track of their funds with a bank savings book, and a cash distribution ledger. These helpful tools, along with their personal development, are the springboards to a new and brighter future for each of them.

During its first ten years of existence, Ginantri has grown from providing services to 10 children from the surrounding area to more than 35 children today. Ginantri can proudly point to six graduates who are employed in the cruise industry, three are working steadily in the food industry, and two are graphic designers.  All of this came about through the courageous efforts of Ni Nyoman Mariati who never forgot her roots in the village where she grew up.


All children will be supported by individual sponsors. Each family or person is committing to a monthly sponsor amount during the educational phases from elementary school to high school. We currently have 33  children with individual sponsors.

Donations and company sponsoring

As the support of the children is covered by the sponsors, we also rely on donations and long term sponsoring of companies to support operational costs of the facilities in Petak Bali.

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