Batik, an ancient and traditional form of art in Bali, is still being practiced to this day. Batik, meaning “drawing with wax,” is a technique dating back thousands of years. This technique is tedious, using the precision of delicate hands to relay a pattern onto fabric. The wax is used to separate the colors within the intended design. After the wax is outlined, the remainder of the fabric is dyed. This allows skilled artisans to use an array of mixed hues to create intricate and complicated patterns.

The children of the Ginantri Foundation spent an exciting day exploring the application of Batik. By incorporating historical lessons and hands-on experience, the group paid an authentic tribute to the influence and role of Batik in Balinese culture. The mastery of this skill can mold the foundations of a family in Bali, providing a child with a skilled-trade applicable in the retail industry.

Educational and creative enrichment forĀ  developing minds is a priority to our foundation. It is our duty and goal to provide children with an opportunity to blossom and express their talents.

As seen pictured, many of the children found their Batik excursion to be full of laughter, smiles, and ….lots of concentration!